CanROCK Woodgrain Panels

Realistic Woodgrain Look and Feel

CANAROCK™ Woodgrain Panels are an exterior cladding system engineered to look and feel like wood. It features a rock hard exterior coating mimicking the texture of real wood while being able to withstand extreme weather conditions such as sweltering heat, subzero temperatures, strong winds, the heaviest of downpours and extreme ice storms. The back of each panel incorporates PUCCS™ technology to drain moisture away from the structure and allowing air to flow, keeping it dry. The 4 sided tongue and groove design allows each panel to interlock with one another on all sides creating another barrier from external elements. The layers of moisture barrier sheathing and special adhesive also contribute to keeping the structure dry. CANAROCK™ Woodgrain is available in three textures and a number of colours with the possibility of an infinite variety of custom colour options.

CANAROCK™ Woodgrain is certified by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre and tested for quality and durability. CCMC # 14088-R. PATENTED
Woodgrain House at night
Modern Woodgrain House
Woodgrain around large window


3D woodgrain textures


Woodgrain colours and finishes
R8 Thermal Insulation Value
Extreme weather tested and approved
Built-in Moisture Drainage


PUCCS water drainage system


  • R8 Thermal Insulation Value
  • Utilizes the patented PUCCS technology to drain moisture away from structure and keep it dry.
  • Enhances energy efficiency.
  • Serves as a moisture and air barrier.
  • Ideal for all types of construction.
  • Tough abrasive resistant coating stands up to all weather conditions.
  • Suitable for various substrates.
  • Fully tested and LEED accredited.
  • Canadian Construction Materials Centre tested and approved. CCMC # 14088-R


Rainscreen Wall Assembly Detail
Cross section of drainage system
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