Elevate the beauty in your room

Coffered ceilings are no longer a decorative feature reserved for the rich. Trimroc coffered ceilings and beams are a low cost solution to beautifying any ceiling.

Add to the warmth and comfort of your room with the coffered ceiling. The beauty of any room is magnified many times over and provides a feeling of luxury and high end, without the high price traditionally associated with this elegant feature.

Traditionally featured in libraries, offices, dens, or dining rooms of formal traditional homes, coffered ceilings can now be found in any room in the home like master bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

Based on the same manufacturing process as the rest of our moulding products, Trimroc coffered ceilings are very light weight so they are installed quickly and easily at a price that fits any budget.

Coffered Ceiling and Beam Profiles


Want to see what our beams and coffered ceiling products look like in real world applications?

Take a look at our Interior Moulding Gallery below:

Trimroc Interior Moulding Gallery Specialty Ceiling Gallery

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