You home is your castle.

Why not give it the look and feel of one without the cost. Cornice moulding is a cost effective method of beautifying not only one room, but the entire main floor of any home. Homeowners looking to personalize their homes.

Crown, or cornice mouldings serve a dual purpose. They hide imperfections that may be evident between the wall and ceiling. Cornice moulding also creates an elegant transition in a traditionally boring part of any room. In doing so, almost any room is converted into an opulent space conveying a sense comfort and warmth.

Canamould’s TRIMROC™ cornice moulding is made using the same process used for all our moulding. This ensures a high quality product that will never warp or shrink, at a price that will keep more money in your wallet. The foam base and plaster shell keeps the cornice moulding light and makes installation easy.

Our wide selection of cornice moulding profiles practically guarantees that you’ll find the design to match the look you seek, no matter your style. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect match.

Interior Crown/Cornice Moulding Profiles

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5″ Series   |   6″ Series   |   7″ Series   |   8″ Series   |   9″ Series   |   10″ Series   |   12″ Series



5″ Series


6″ Series


7″ Series



8″ Series



9″ Series



10″ Series



12″ Series


Want to see what our cornice/crown moulding products look like in real world applications?

Take a look at our Interior Cornice/Crown Moulding Gallery below:

Trimroc Interior Moulding Gallery Specialty Ceiling Gallery


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