• Introducing the latest in exterior cladding systems. CANAROCK Woodgrain Panels. The look and feel of natural wood without sacrificing CANAMOULD durability and quality.
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The Canamould Exterior Mouldings consist of an extruded polystyrene base wrapped in reinforced mesh and armoured in a polymer-modified flexible cementious coating allowing this product to brave any outdoor elements.Our TRIMROC™ Interior Plaster Mouldings line offers a light weight alternative without compromising quality. This product line is available in an array of foam shape architectural details. We can also create custom TRIMROC™ mouldings to suit your custom needs with our creative team on board.The Stonecastings line offers fireplace mantels, overhead mantels and inserts, all of which are cast in natural limestone and are exquisitely detailed. Whether your taste is classic or contemporary, we have a limestone mantel for you.

CANAROCK™ Woodgrain Panels are an exterior cladding system engineered to look and feel like real wood. Featuring a durable exterior coating, it mimics the look and texture of wood while being able to withstand extreme weather conditions.CANAGRILLE seamless drywall vents provide a discreet yet stylish method of covering necessary ventilation and replaces the ugly and boring metal ventilation grilles that have become standard in most homes.These high quality wall tiles by modulararts are a truly unique way to finish a wall with a texture that truly stands out. Residential feature walls, back splashes, hotel room accents are all inviting applications for this elegant durable, and fire safe product.

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