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Over 25 years of Innovation

Proven History

Canamould Extrusions Inc. was founded by Ned Santarossa and incorporated in 1993 in order to manufacture exterior mouldings with a polystyrene base, fiberglass mesh and an acrylic cement coating. Canamould created and patented the process of manufacturing these mouldings and began to market them in 1994. Presently, Canamould holds numerous patents for its various processes and products and is recognized as the world leader for its technology and products.

Unmatched Innovation

Since the original development of the CANAMOULD™ Exterior Mouldings line, Ned Santarossa then saw the need for an interior product offering. Using a slightly modified manufacturing process, in 1998,  Canamould developed and patented its interior line and called it TRIMROC™ Interior Mouldings. This revolutionary product consists of a polystyrene base with a cement and modified plaster finish. The TRIMROC™ Interior Mouldings line offers homebuilders and the do-it-yourself person a fresh and easy alternative to beautifying a room.

In 2004, Ned Santarossa yet again raised the bar. Canamould decided to diversify its  operations by creating a casting division. The STONECASTINGS line was created which includes limestone fireplace mantels and niches made from natural limestone through its unique processes in a variety of designs.

Since its existence in 1993, Canamould has experienced aggressive annual sales growths, enabling them to concentrate on product innovation and technological development under the leadership of Ned Santarossa. In its 70,000 square foot innovative and progressive manufacturing facility, Canamould develops and builds its own processes and machinery. With over 11 different patents, Canamould continues to develop innovative products.

Dedicated Team

The success of Canamould Extrusions Inc. is also accredited to the dedication of all of its employees who work together as a team to achieve the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Canamould takes pride in providing its employees with a comfortable atmosphere and great employee relations, which translates into a team that is progressive and energetic.

“If you surround yourself with great people, great things happen.”

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