Advantages of Plaster Coated Foam Moulding

In the annals of home decor, custom-designed wood moulding historically adorned interiors. However, this bespoke elegance came at a price, requiring skilled carpenters and weeks of meticulous craftsmanship to achieve. The advent of plaster moulding revolutionized this, offering a mass-produced alternative that slashed costs and reduced implementation time. Yet, the expense remained relatively high, and skilled tradesmen were indispensable for installation.

Enter today’s manufacturing technologies, heralding a paradigm shift in moulding fabrication. Lightweight, intricate, and high-quality moulding, at a fraction of traditional costs, is now within reach. With ease of installation paramount, these innovations enable capable homeowners to embark on projects in a matter of days, democratizing interior moulding accessibility for everyone.

The evolution is evident in TRIMROC™ Interior Plaster Mouldings, designed with a polystyrene foam core coated in a durable cementitious base and a revolutionary smooth acrylic finish. Unlike traditional options with multiple layers of wood, TRIMROC™ employs a one-piece manufacturing process, saving time and labour, resulting in exceptionally lightweight products.

The lightweight nature of TRIMROC™ moulding expedites installation. It simplifies execution, eliminating the need for nails, screws, or other fasteners. Armed with just a miter saw and drywall compound, any capable DIY enthusiast can embark on enhancing their space. A dash of sandpaper and an assortment of putty knives may be required for that perfect, finished touch, making interior decor projects accessible to all skill levels.

The advantages of TRIMROC™ Interior Plaster Mouldings transcend mere aesthetics. Their lightweight construction and hassle-free installation make them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to infuse elegance into their living spaces. Revolutionize your home’s interiors with TRIMROC™, ushering in a new era of accessible, DIY-friendly interior moulding solutions.

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