Advantages of Plaster Coated Foam Moulding

 Coffered ceiling by Canamould

Historically, homes were decorated using custom designed wood moulding.  This required the services of a skilled carpenter and often took weeks of work to accomplish.  The advent of plaster moulding offered a mass produced product that offered a cost saving and a reduction in the amount of time it took to implement, but costs remained somewhat high and skilled tradesmen were still required for installation.


Today, advances in manufacturing technology has allowed for the fabrication of lightweight, intricate and high quality moulding at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  They have become so easy to install that any capable homeowner can tackle the project in a matter of  days.  The many advantages of plaster coated foam moulding has made interior moulding accessible to everyone.  These are just a few.



TRIMROC™ Interior Plaster Moulding are made with a polystyrene foam core that is coated with a durable cementitious basecoat and a revolutionary, smooth acrylic finish.  It is manufactured in one piece as opposed to multiple layers of wood used in traditional moulding options, saving time and labour.  Due to this unique manufacturing process, TRIMROC™ moulding products are extremely light when compared to traditional moulding products which makes installation fast and easy.

Simple to install

Another great feature of TRIMROC™ Interior Plaster Mouldings is the simplicity in the execution.  TRIMROC™ eliminates the need for nails, screws, clips, clamps or fasteners of any kind.  All that is needed is a mitre saw and drywall compound.  Some sandpaper and a variety of putty knives may also be required to achieve a proper finished look.  Any competent do-it-yourselfer can now add their desired decorations with a basic skillset.
Coffered ceiling by Canamould


Don’t let the lightweight easy to use nature of TRIMROC™ give you the wrong impression.  The tough, high quality plaster coating gives it a clean, durable finish that will last for years to come and  still look great years later.  The materials that make up TRIMROC™ mouldings results in a very strong and stable product.  It does not expand or contract so it is not susceptible to warping like traditional wood moulding.

Low cost

The low cost of TRIMROC™ moulding makes adding these decorative features an easy option for homeowners.  Especially those unsure about the perceived high costs associated with decorating their home with moulding.  In reality, homeowners can save as much as 25% off the cost of materials when compared to traditional moulding options such as full plaster moulding and even more when considering custom wood moulding.  Since it’s so easy to install, they can save all of the labour costs by doing it themselves.  If you would rather have a professional do the work, there is still a significant cost savings because of the quick turnaround time of installation.
Adding style and charm to the home has never been easier.  Canamould manufactures a wide range of TRIMROC™ Interior Plaster Mouldings including:

All TRIMROC™ products are available in a variety of styles that are sure to fit the design of any space and will add character to mundane,  uninspired rooms throughout the home.  Contact us today and our designers will work with you to achieve that perfect look.