Pediments, Window Sills and Trim Add Character

Time to dress up your exterior windows and doors.

Is your home lacking curb appeal? Landscaping and a fresh coat of paint can only do so much. Consider dressing up your windows and doors by adding exterior moulding such as pediments, trim and sills.

These are great ways to finish off exterior doors and windows and add charm.

Pediments by Canamould

Originally found in Greek architecture, pediments are a decorative feature placed at the top of windows or doors. Traditionally, they are made of wood or metal and even fiberglass. Canamould pediments are made with a foam base, covered with a fiberglass mesh for durability and are finished off with a strong, weatherproof cementitious coating to give a natural stone look and feel. This finish can be made smooth to mimic wood or be given a more stone-like texture, depending on your preference. Pediments are often used in conjunction with a window sill to enhance the look of residential homes and commercial buildings.

Window sills by Canamould

Window sills are used at the bottom of windows and not only add curb appeal, but also help prevent water damage by drawing water away from the structure. Improperly made and installed window sills can draw water in towards the structure of the home and compromise the wood frame. Canamould window sills feature a slope and drip edge that draws water away from the structure, keeping it dry for years to come. Window sills are manufactured with the same, time tested manufacturing process as all Canamould products, so they meet all exterior building standards for quality and durability.

Exterior trim by Canamould

Adding trim around your window or door is the perfect way to finish off the look you want. It draws attention to your home, giving it a unique style that stands out from your neighbours. Trim complements pediments and window sills perfectly and surround windows and doors with character unique to your home.

Modern pediments, window sills and trim are available in a wide range of styles to match any design goal. They serve a dual purpose, first by minimizing the amount of moisture your building is exposed to over time and secondly, by adding character and bringing attention to traditionally boring windows and doors. Get in touch with Canamould and our design experts will help you find the style that fits your unique taste.

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