Exterior Columns


Revitalize Your Exterior with Canamould Columns – Infuse Timeless Elegance into Your Home or Building

Transform your exterior posts and elevate the character of your  home or building with Canamould Columns. Inspired by the captivating beauty of classical Greek and Roman architecture, these columns bring a touch of timeless elegance to any space.

Choose from our wide range of styles, allowing you to create the perfect combination that perfectly suits your unique design style. Whether you seek a grand and majestic presence or a subtle and refined aesthetic, Canamould Columns offer the ideal solution.

Reimagine your exterior and capture the essence of classical beauty with Canamould Columns. Experience the transformative power that adds character and sophistication to your space. Elevate your design with these exquisite architectural elements that stand the test of time.

Our columns are manufactured and sold in two halves, allowing for customization based on your structural post dimensions. Please note that they are non-structural. Choose from diameters ranging from 8″ to 24″. Custom diameters can also be ordered.It’s important to note that the base and capital must be ordered separately.

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