Durable, Light Weight, Cost Effective

CANAMOULD™ Exterior Mouldings are the perfect solution to adding architectural details to your building or home. Built to stand up to any weather, all our exterior moulding products are easy to install, paintable and will add the finishing touch and character you’re looking for.

CANAMOULD™ Exterior Mouldings are comprised of 3 components:

What are the benefits?

Why choose our product over wood, precast, polyurethane or other imitation prototypes?

  • Our patented process provides consistency, efficiency and unsurpassed quality resulting in cost savings.
  • CANAMOULD™ exterior moulding conforms to the latest industry standards providing the highest benchmark for quality.
  • CANAMOULD™ exterior moulding will not bend, warp, crack, rot, delaminate or spall.
  • Our EPS foam core has been re-shrunk and dry cured to eliminate any expansion and contraction.
  • The combination of a stable foundation created by the EPS core, covered with the lamina of a reinforcing fibre-glass mesh and flexible cemetitious coating, creates both strength and flexibility.
  • The polystyrene base allows for greater contact area to substrates resulting in a stronger bond than other “egg shell” competitors.
  • CANAMOULD™ exterior moulding combines durability with ease of lightweight installations making it a cost-effective product over its ancestral stone counterparts such as precast and limestone.
  • Our exterior moulding product may be treated in a variety of different finishes  our smooth C-Mold™ coating allows for sleek painted finishes mimicking wood millwork, or it maybe transformed to simulate limestone.
  • CANAMOULD™ exterior mouldings can be installed in conjunction with several cladding systems and substrates including EIFS, stucco, brick, stone, concrete and cemetitious substrates.
  • CANAMOULD™ exterior moulding is easy to install and available in hundreds of shapes and sizes.
  • Custom shapes are available within the same manufacturing time process as standard shapes. Our advanced technology enables us to produce shapes or panels up to 8′-0″ wide and 12′-0″ in length.


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