Add character to your building’s windows and doors

Our exterior trim products are built to withstand any weather condition and are paintable to match your design. We have a great choice of profiles to match your style, whether traditional and classic, or modern and contemporary and anything in between. Need some help choosing from our wide selection of profiles? Contact us today and we’ll help you find the design that best suits your specific project requirements. Our creative team is ready to walk you through your project needs, large or small. They have the experience you need to choose the best exterior trim for your building.

Exterior Trim Profiles

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STN SeriesWT-029WT-010WT-027BMC-014BAN-009AWT-007AWT-016WT-013WT-003NWT-002NWT-001WT-023BAN-007AWT-024WT-026DAL-003WT-017WT-018WT-019WT-022WT-029STB-002/001WT-002WT-004WT-020WT-021CAN-240WT-005WT-001WT-003WT-015WT-025

Download our CANAMOULD™ Exterior Mouldings Brochure

Want to see what our exterior trim products look like in real world applications? Take a look at our Exterior Moulding Gallery below:

Exterior Commercial Gallery High Rise Exterior Gallery Exterior Residential Gallery

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