Brighten up your world

Trimroc light coves are offered in many unique designs to match any environment.  They add a custom appearance to any room. Manufactured with the patented Canamould process, Trimroc light coves come together to deliver durability and ease of installation.

You can be assured of Trimroc’s high standards for quality and thoughtfully designed details.  Whether you want to create dramatic lighting in commercial environments, or simply add subtle accents to a room, Trimroc light coves add the special feature to make your space stand out.

Light Coves Profiles

ILC-001 ILC-005L ILC-027L
IWC-486 TIC-350 TIC-862

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Want to see what our light cove products look like in real world applications? Take a look at our Interior Moulding Gallery below:

Trimroc Interior Moulding Gallery Specialty Ceiling Gallery