Product Brochures

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New Products

Download our CANAROCK™ Woodgrain brochure Download our CANAGRILLE™ brochure included installation instructions

Moulding Brochures

Download our CANAMOULD™ Exterior Mouldings brochure Download our TRIMROC™ Interior Mouldings brochure

Limestone Fireplace Brochures

Builder Series

Download Adriatic fireplace brochure Download Amalfi fireplace brochure Download Baltic fireplace brochure Download Cortina fireplace brochure Download Mediterranean  fireplace brochure 

Surround Series

  Download Senator fireplace brochure Download Renaissance fireplace brochure Download Ornamental fireplace brochure

Plugin Series

Download Barcelona fireplace brochure Download Maltese fireplace brochure Download Medici fireplace brochure Download Santorini fireplace brochure

Overhead Mantels

Download Overhead fireplace brochure