Spring decorating tips with Canamould


It’s been another rough winter, but Spring is finally here.  Along with the changing season and warmer weather, thoughts are starting to turn towards making things look new again.  This is also the time when homeowners begin to think about things they can do to freshen up the look of their homes.  A fresh coat of paint, a new deck in the backyard, or a flooring upgrade is often the first things that come to mind.

How about some new ideas to spruce up the place?  Here are some great ways you may not have considered that will improve the look of your home and add value, without emptying your wallet.

Cornice Moulding

Crown moulding

One of the interior architectural details that can add value and character to your home are crown/cornice mouldings. Their visual presence immediately makes a home feel upscale. They communicate the message that this home is well-built and solid. Traditionally a feature of older homes, newer home owners use crown/cornice mouldings to give their home the charm and personalization they’re looking for.  Whether your style is traditional and classic, or modern and contemporary, Canamould has the widest selection of crown/cornice moulding styles that are sure to match the rest of your decor.

Coffered Ceilings

coffered ceiling

When thinking about redecorating, ceilings are usually the last thing to be considered and are disregarded as unimportant.  Often thought of as being expensive to build and install, coffered ceilings are never considered as a viable option.  In the past, an experienced carpenter was required to properly put one together and it would take weeks.  But today, coffered ceilings are becoming one of the hottest interior design trends, especially since Canamould has broken the barrier of access by making them easy to install and affordable.  They can be installed by the weekend warrior who is comfortable working with a miter saw and drywall compound.  We can even arrange to have it installed by one of our trusted contractors at a fraction of the cost of doing it the old way.

Exterior Details

exterior moulding

For most home owners, redecorating the exterior of the home is limited to painting door and window trim, or maybe the main entrance door and garage.  There are a multitude of options, and Canamould has dedicated an entire line of exterior architectural moulding products that are sure to have the neighbours turn green with envy. Add curb appeal to the home with decorative window sills, pediments and trim details.  Exterior cornice moulding can add a touch of elegance to your roofline.  Easily add or upgrade your columns with shells that mimic stone.  In no time, the home will be transformed into a castle.

Limestone Fireplaces

limestone fireplaces

Is your fireplace starting to look tired and boring? With the onset of warmer weather, the need to use the fireplace is waning, at least until next winter.  This is the perfect time to upgrade your mantel or surround.  There are now many options to get the custom look you’re looking for.  You can simply replace the entire surround, or choose from a set of mantels and leg combinations to get the perfect look.  Don’t have a fireplace?  You can buy a complete plugin fireplace that includes an electric fireplace and mantle surround that can be installed anywhere without worrying about exhaust vents or natural gas sources.

Whatever your spring redecorating goals are, Canamould’s full range of interior and exterior moulding products are sure to give your home a fresh new look.

All of Canamould’s moulding products are created with the same time-tested manufacturing process that results in a lightweight, durable and cost-effective solution.  Contact us today and our dedicated team can help you meet your redecorating goals this spring.